IACESA Mission

What is IACESA’s Mission?

IACESA’s mission is to influence education, thinking and learning of individuals at all levels, ages and stages of development. In order to achieve this, IACESA:

  • disseminates reliable and theoretically sound information to schools, teachers, other professionals, parents and the general public about international and local initiatives already in existence that are known to improve the quality of thinking and learning;
  • encourages and supports the creation, implementation and systematic research of new, uniquely, South African and contextually relevant approaches (and processes) for the enhancement of thinking and learning;
  • promotes research that investigates the effectiveness of both international and local initiatives to improve the quality of thinking and learning and disseminates the research findings;
  • provides consultation required by schools, teachers, other professionals and the general public to advance cognitive education and enable individuals to skillfully and mindfully apply cognitive tools when confronted with problems and challenges in their respective contexts;
  • supports the continuing professional development of teachers and other professionals in the field of cognitive education; and
  • Promotes networking and the exchange of ideas about how to enhance thinking and learning, both within and as an adjunct to, the National Curriculum.