History of IACESA

IACESA has been active for nearly 21 years, but where and when did it all start?

In efforts to modernize education and training in Southern Africa different cognitive approaches were imported from the late 1970’s by individuals, NGO’s, Universities, Technikons, business and commerce. Over time, a need arose to unpack the underlying theories and belief systems of different and often complementary cognitive education approaches.  This made it possible to compare and assess different intervention strategies and to select and adapt programmes most likely to be effective with different target groups in Southern Africa.  As the same time it was important to make information about developments in cognitive education (the active mediation of thinking skills and dispositions) available to a growing number of users and potential users.  It was also necessary to acquire a collective voice to influence educational reform in the democratic transformation taking place in South Africa.  The International Association for Cognitive Education in Southern Africa (IACESA) was established at an inaugural conference at the University of the Witwatersrand in 1994 with 100 foundation members.

Prof. Mervyn Skuy was the first President of IACESA.