Written by Deon van Tonder

Since 2017, a group of researchers at the School of Education Sciences, NWU (Vaal Triangle) provided training in Cognitive Education to 21 in-service teachers via an 80-hour Short Learning Programme (SLP) that contains seven study units, as part of a Scholarship research project. The main objective of the research project is to train in-service teachers in the theory and application of Cognitive Education, and based on the findings to make suggestions and recommendations to enhance the teacher education curriculum for pre- service teacher education.

Study units 1 – 7 were completed the 14th of October 2017, and all in-service teachers gave feedback through reflection after the completion of each study unit. During the last training session on the 14th of October all in-service teachers received a post-questionnaire and conducted interviews. The post-questionnaire was similar to the pre-questionnaire and the purpose was to establish growth and development in terms of knowledge, understanding and application of strategies to affect Cognitive Education.

Semi-structured interviews gauged participants’ experiences with the SLP Cognitive Education. The interviews gave the in-service participants the opportunity to share their experiences, and what they regarded as beneficial or not beneficial about the SLP Cognitive Education.

The way forward will be to do a data analysis. After the writing of the reflections and the interviews, a verbatim transcript of the data will be compiled. The main purpose for analysing the data would be to get the thoughts of the participants and to classify these thoughts into certain themes and categories. The research findings will be documented in peer reviewed articles. The feedback obtained from the participants will also be used to make adaptations to the SLP that would enhance its quality.