Upcoming Conferences – 2019 in Gauteng

Theme:  Digging deeper – Making critical thinking visible in and beyond the classroom

Date:  21-23 February 2019

St George Hotel and Conference venue: 58 Mkhatshlua Ave, Doornkloof, Pretoria, 0132

IACESA Conference 2017


Iacesa conference flyer 2017_A4 9 February 2016

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IACESA – Final Programme 2017


IACESA 2107 Introduction:  Prof M Grosser

High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school (Part 1); D. Eyre 

High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school (Part 2):  D. Eyre 

Learning strategies to develop and assess problem solving and reasoning skills:  J. Robbins

Enhancing social learning (informal learning) through a community-based water monitoring project:  I. Muller

That is why I believe I can do it… Prediction of self-efficacy towards inclusive education in Austrian and German prospective teachers:  S. Schwab

Walking the talk: “you can get a lot out of learners by the way you do things:  Green and Collett

The Learning Power Approach:  S. Taylor Alston

The missing link: Well-developed foundational cognitive and language skills as an essential mechanism for the successful teaching of thinking:  L. Spies

Prioritising values in education:  E. van der Merwe

Learning everything everywhere:  T. Toogun

The impact of sensory processing on thinking and learning:  A. Lombard

Teaching and assessing for thinking at school level: The status quo:  B. Bunt

To excel beyond all odds:  A. van der Merwe

Enhancing critical thinking dispositions in the mathematics classroom through a flipped learning approach:  M. Kloppers

Back to Basics with Six Bricks:  Brent Hutcheson Lego

Mediated assessment practices: Towards a holistic approach in education:  C. Booyse

The Art and Science of Critical Thinking:  B. Brom

Eight thinking mistakes even smart professionals make that can lead to chronic disease:  E. Brettenny

University of the Third Age: Its role in promoting optimal health and well-being:  E. Dunnell

You can get a lot out of the children by the way you do things: Green and Collett

Previous Conferences

2015 Conference – Personalizing Thinking & Learning in the Conceptual Age

2015 IACESA Conference flyer2

2015 IACESA Conference Programmme and Abstracts Booklet



Estelle Brettenny. Opening Address 2015 IACESA Conference

Estelle Brettenny. Opening Address without PP

Mary Grosser. Critical Thinking: The Cornerstone of Conceptual Age Teaching and Learning

Willie Rautenbach. Reflections on the Story of Cognitive Education in South Africa

Meltzer. Executive Function in the Conceptual Classroom. Keynote handout f[1]

Julian Elliot. The Dyslexia Debate

Elizabeth Nadler-Nir – Dyslexia Debate Panelist

Sandra Stark – Dyslexia Debate Panelist

Jens Beckman. The Prediction of Success in and Ever-Changing World

Ian Rothman. Flourishing of Teachers in South Africa

NWU Cognitive Education Research Group. Budding, Blooming, Bearing Fruit. Does the explicit teaching of thinking really work? Feb 2015

Instumental Enrichment Research Projects in South Africa

IE Standard Powerpoint–Chusid 10-04_ 12-14

Cynthia Pelman. Feuerstein Symposium. Cognitive Education – Removing the Mystique

Paul Hobden. A New Approach to Out-Of-School-Time Support Lessons based on Self-Regulation

Meltzer. Creating Strategic Classrooms: Empowering Students to Learn HOW to Learn. Workshop Handout

Meltzer IACESA Workshop Activity sheets

Ann Morton and Rose-Anne Reynolds. Exploring the Social and Emotional Development of Children in the Creative and Talented Programme at Pinelands North Primary School

Mariette ven der Vyver. Speech Recognition as a Tool

J Condy and L Green. Philosophical Enquiry as Pedagogical Tool to Personalize Thinking and Learning within the CAPS Curriculum

Marinus Bell. Neuro-Link. How your Neurological Design Influences your Personal Learning and Thinking

Kemble Elliott. What and How do Children Learn in ‘DIY – Dream, Innovate Yourself’ Programme? 

Jane. McIntyre. Building Thinking Competencies in the Conceptual Age – TSSA as a Change Agent for Empowered Teaching and Learning

Maretha Prinsloo. Cognitive Processes and the Development of Cognitive Competence

Peter van Alphen. From Imagination to Concept – Enriched Learning in Primary Classrooms – 1-8

Peter van Alphen. From Imagination to Concept – Enriched Learning in Primary Classrooms – 9-15

Peter van Alphen. From Imagination to Concept – Enriched learning in Primary Classrooms – 16-23

Samantha Kriger. Bridging the Gap – How music can help with Reading & Development in Classroom


2013 Conference – Essentials for Learning & Life: Language…Thinking…Diversity

Conference Flyer
2013 IACESA Conference Programme

Keynote Speaker Abstracts

Belle Wallace

Heila Jordaan

Kathy Greenberg

Kobus Neethling

Louis Fourie

Maryanne Wolf


Powerpoint Presentations

Berenice Daniels. Wisdom in Diversity. Harnessing the Contribtutions of all to improve Educational Outcomes

Heila Jordaan. Language-in-Education in South Africa – Some Plain Talk

Katherine Greenberg. Meeting the Hidden Needs of Learners

Belle Wallace. TASC. Thinking Actively in a Social Context.

David Martin and Lilian Lomofsky. Instrumental Enrichment Research Projects in South Africa

Mary Grosser. Nurturing Habits of Mind among Prospective Teachers – New Directions for Schools of Tomorrow

Louis Fourie. Homo Contextus – Neuroplasticity in the Digital Era

Vine Petzer. The Extent to which Teachers Create Classroom Climates that Nurture the Development of Critical Thinking Skills

Stef Esterhuizen. Optimising Cognitive Capacity through Mediation

Heila Jordaan. What Teachers need to know about Language

Jane McIntyre. Growing Thinking Schools in South Africa

2011 Conference – Thinking Schools: The Journey

2011 IACESA Conference Programme and Abstracts Booklet


Powerpoint Presentations

David Hyerle. Leading Thinking Schools from the Inside…Out

Richard Cummins. Creating a Thinking School

David Hyerle. Thinking Maps as a Transformational Language for Learning

Hantam Community Education Trust. Holisitic Rural Educational Development Project

Louis Benjamin. The Basic Concepts Programme. A Story of two Intermediate Schools in the Northern Cape

Into English from Beyond

Hanna Phemba. Persona Dolls

Marie Botha. Picturing Writing

David Martin. The Thinking Academy. A School which embraces Cognitive Education across the Curriculum

Mary Grosser and Byron Bunt. The Critical Thinking Abilities of Prospective Teachers

Sharon Moonsamy. Learners’ Perspectives on Metacognitive Instruction in Classroom

Katy Mthethwa. Embedding Thinking Skills infto the Curriculum. The South African Experience

Roedean School. Embedding Thinking into the Curriculum

Pro Ed House. Embedding Thinking into the Curriculum

Robert Burden and Lena Green. Evaluating the Effectiveness of Cognitive Education