Conference 2017

IACESA – Final Programme 2017


IACESA 2107 Introduction:  Prof M Grosser

High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school (Part 1); D. Eyre 

High Performance Learning: How to become a world class school (Part 2):  D. Eyre 

Learning strategies to develop and assess problem solving and reasoning skills:  J. Robbins

Enhancing social learning (informal learning) through a community-based water monitoring project:  I. Muller

That is why I believe I can do it… Prediction of self-efficacy towards inclusive education in Austrian and German prospective teachers:  S. Schwab

Walking the talk: “you can get a lot out of learners by the way you do things:  Green and Collett

The Learning Power Approach:  S. Taylor Alston

The missing link: Well-developed foundational cognitive and language skills as an essential mechanism for the successful teaching of thinking:  L. Spies

Prioritising values in education:  E. van der Merwe

Learning everything everywhere:  T. Toogun

The impact of sensory processing on thinking and learning:  A. Lombard

Teaching and assessing for thinking at school level: The status quo:  B. Bunt

To excel beyond all odds:  A. van der Merwe

Enhancing critical thinking dispositions in the mathematics classroom through a flipped learning approach:  M. Kloppers

Back to Basics with Six Bricks:  Brent Hutcheson Lego

Mediated assessment practices: Towards a holistic approach in education:  C. Booyse

The Art and Science of Critical Thinking:  B. Brom

Eight thinking mistakes even smart professionals make that can lead to chronic disease:  E. Brettenny

University of the Third Age: Its role in promoting optimal health and well-being:  E. Dunnell

You can get a lot out of the children by the way you do things: Green and Collett