Cognitive Learning in my Classroom


Written by Zuleikha Hassen

I have been teaching Grade R for 24 years. Every year has been an interesting and rewarding experience. I still continue to enjoy teaching the young 5 to 6-year-old children. Observing their spontaneity and openness to learning has contributed to my joy and enthusiasm for continuous teaching this age group.

Through my teaching observations, I found that the young children are becoming interested in a more creative form of learning. They are bored of being taught a large amount of basic knowledge and lots of memorisation skills. They are ready for higher order thinking, that allows for critical thinking skills.

Just implementing different strategies, asking more effective questions and changing techniques, bring in a refreshing anxiousness to learn and teach.

Having completed the Short Learning Programme in Cognitive Education has been most beneficial in contributing to, planning of my lessons, my own mindset and thought processes with regards to teaching and learning.