Cognitive Education Interest Groups

What is it about?

The Cog Ed Interest Group is a vital activity of IACESA. Any person interested in cognitive education and “how to” develop thinking skills in learners may attend the activities offered by the Cog Ed Interest Group. Seminars are conducted by IACESA members as well as by other experts in this field. Participants include educators, therapists, psychologists, parents. The seminars are presented at different schools to encourage attendance from educators. On average four seminars are organized per year.

IACESA Cog Ed Seminar 2018 – Prof Marco Hessels:  9 February 2018 (Gauteng)

Next IACESA Cog Ed Seminars for 2017


23 June: Mindfulness. NWU.  Mark Hayter & Marietjie Willemse.

5 July: Teach Meet.  Johannesburg.  Grayston Preparatory School.  Mark Hayter and Colleagues.

1 September: Effective Feedback. NWU.  Prof  Kobus Lombard


14 June: The Critical Link between Brain Development and Behaviour. Fairmont High School, Durbanville.  Lizanne du Plessis.


The critical link between brain development and behaviour


Previous IACESA Cog Ed Seminars



“The Supporting Act: Creating a learning environment that is fun, open and challenging” by Me Lurinda Maree

“Teaching students how to learn: A Metacognitive approach to classroom learning” by Prof. Marco Hessels

Cog Ed Seminar 9 September 2016 Gauteng

Feedback as “feed forward”: the cohesion in the teaching-learning-assessment relation

Cog Ed Seminar 30 July 2016 Cape Town

Cog Ed Seminar 27 May 2016 Gauteng

The purpose and process of assessment of, for and as learning

Cog Ed Seminar 13 February 2015 Cape Town

Cog Ed Seminar 6 February 2016 Gauteng


Exploring our roles as mediators for learning in a systems approach through collaborative practices

Cog Ed Seminar Cape Town 21 October 2015

Creating education contexts to advance high performance among all learners

Cog Ed Seminar NWU 16 October 2015

The creative and talented programme at the Pinelands North Primary School

Cog Ed Seminar Cape Town 5 August 2015

Critical thinking in action

COG ED Seminar NWU 31 July 2015


From Imagination to Concept: Enriched Learning in Primary Classrooms   

Bridging the Gap: How Music can help with Reading and Development in the Classroom

Peter van Alphen (Co-Founder of Centre for Creative Education) and Samantha Kriger (Music Teacher at Rondebosch Boy’s Preparatory School)



AD(H)D and (Cognitive) Interventions Strategies

Dr Adri van der Walt (paediatrician); Mrs Ray Anne Cook (occupational therapist) and Prof. Lena Green (educational psychologist).


Autism friendly approaches.

Team from Vera School: Joanna Goodwin, HOD & psychologist; Daniel Hime, Speech Therapist; Mark van Zyl, HOD and educator.



Estelle Brettenny, IACESA President; Prof Mary Grosser (IACESA President Elect, NWU); Dr Magda Kloppers (NWU) and Dr Stef Esterhuizen (NWU).


Self-Regulation:  Examples of how different Cognitive Approaches address Self-Regulation.

Mia Schoeman, Psychologist and IACESA Board Member; Elsefie Wranch, Speech-language Therapist and Immediate Past President of IACESA; Estelle Brettenny, Occupational Therapist and IACESA President.




Resilience – Coping Effectively with Life’s Challenges.

Dr Lidia van Vuuren, Psychologist.


Moral Decision Making and The Risk of Burnout and Compassion Fatigue.

Prof Daniël Louw, Theologist, Former Dean of the Faculty of Theology, US.





Professor  Heila Jordaan, Speech-Language Therapist, Researcher, Senior Lecturer at the University of the Witwatersrand.



17/8/2011: Thinking about CAPS (Curriculum and Assessment Policy Statement).

Genevieve Koopman: Director of General Education and Training from the office of the Directorate of the Curriculum.


Thinking with Computers.

Peter de Lisle from Hilton College.




Not just Thinking Children but Thinking Schools. Developments in the UK and Possible Local Directions.

Emeritus Prof Bob Burden, Director of the Cognitive Education Centre, University of Exeter, UK.


Creating a Thinking School: The Story of St Peter’s (Preparatory School in Rivonia, Johannesburg).

Debby Evans, Sue Garner and Geraldine Duffield (all presenters have been actively involved in starting or running the thinking skills programme at the school).


Report back from Kestrel National Thinking Schools Conference in the UK. What works?

Dr Anita Worrall, Dr Lena Green, Dr Louis Benjamin.


Thinking Skills Programmes and Resources and Training Options available for Potential Thinking Schools/Environments.

Dr Lena Green



Seminar 1:

Essential Skills to Flourish in Life with a special emphasis on Thinking Skills.

Prof Charl Cilliers, Professor of Educational Psychology/Director of The Centre for Student Counselling and Development, University of Stellenbosch.


Seminar 2:

Introducing Thinking Skills in the Foundation & Intermediate Phase.

Cornelia Prins, Occupational Therapist, Sensory Integration therapist and Cognet/CEA user.


Seminar 3:

Introducing Metacognition & Thinking Skills in the Senior Phase.

Estelle Brettenny, Occupational Therapist, Consultant  and Trainer in Thinking Skills and Learning Health.


Seminar 4: 

The Process of Developing Thinking: Illustrated Through Three Thinking Skills

(Planning, Organizing and Categorising).

Sandra Young