Study Buddy

Written by Sandra Stark

When you look into the eyes of a parent and hear their plea it ignites a spark
deep down in your core to do something to help. Giving parents a Dyslexia
diagnoses is not easy to do. Since Dyslexia is hereditary at least one of
these parents probably know the uphill battle that lies ahead and that is where
the immediate question “How do I help my child?” comes into play.

Sparked by this question and inspired by what other countries do to assist persons with Dyslexia Study Buddy was born to meet the needs of South African learners. It is not simply just-another-set-of-summaries, it is study software that incorporates technology with learning and provides a multisensory approach not previously available in South Africa.

Although the original market for Study Buddy was learners with Dyslexia it quickly became apparent that all children can benefit from this software.

If audio books were available it would still be of all the content from a specific textbook for example. Study Buddy took it one step further and summarized the books before adding the audio content. These summaries are checked against the CAPS syllabus to ensure that all

required knowledge is covered. Lessons use images, animations or video to further enhance learning. And, to keep things interesting, each subject has its own audio artist.

Each lesson is concluded with a revision section for which answers are also supplied. The questions are constructed in such a way that different levels of cognition are tested, not only remembering content but also applying the knowledge.

What makes Study Buddy special?
1. Already available on Windows and Mac platforms and will shortly be available on Android and iOS.
2. Audio speed can be adjusted for a slightly faster or slightly slower playback.
3. Font can be adjusted to be more legible for a learner with Dyslexia.
4. Clear graphics or animations at each section of the lessons.
5. Videos to explain Mathematical calculations, created by a Mathematics teacher.
Study Buddy software is installed on a device and content is loaded once, which means the device can be used off-line. No recurring data costs.

Each registered child may also have the software on two devices: A laptop at home for example and a tablet or smart phone (once the apps for these devices are launched which will be shortly). This allows another opportunity for a last bit of revision on the way to school in the morning.

For more information you can contact or To register for the latest news and progress is the place to go. Anel will answer all your calls on 076 835 0385.