Welcome to IACESA

IACESA has been active for 21 years and this achievement was celebrated at the IACESA Conference 2015.

The next IACESA conference will take place in 2019.  Regular IACESA Cog Ed Seminars will be conducted during 2018 and other professional development opportunities organized by IACESA, or related organizations and institutions, will be placed on the calendar or can be viewed under conferences.  Anyone interested in the promotion and development of cognitive education in Southern Africa can belong to IACESA or attend the activities organized by IACESA.

What makes IACESA special and unique amidst the plethora of interest groups, organisations and associations that aim to nurture thinking?  Given the reality that there are many ways offered by special interest groups and private organisations that have a common interest in advancing cognitive potential, it seems reasonable to assume that confusion might exist as to which is the best way.  Therefore, the IACESA board has constructed a statement that is aligned to the vision and mission of the organisation that encapsulates IACESA’s intent regarding the unique way in which IACESA envisages successful cognitive education.

 “Cognitive education teaches students how to become better at thinking and learning…”  (Green, 2014)